Skinesis Philosophy

Skinesis is the evolution of over 20 years’ hands-on experience and research by London’s top facialist, Sarah Chapman. Her philosophy combines intense cosmeceutical science with sheer luxury and pure botanicals for incredible results.

Why is Skinesis different?

Skinesis combines high-potency, scientific, cosmeceutical active ingredients with refined botanical oils for outstanding, dramatic results.

The Skinesis skincare line comprises highly active, complex formulas founded on the best of modern science and cutting-edge research available today, coupled with a luxurious feel that make them as enjoyable to use as they are effective.

Innovation and expertise at home

“My mission was to create a truly innovative skincare range that delivers beautifully healthy, radiant and rejuvenated skin. Designed to target the real skin concerns that I see every day in my clinic, I sought to include high-potency active ingredients such as vitamin A, peptides, stem cells and collagen promoters to achieve dramatic results both on a cellular and surface level.

My own extensive skin expertise and experience means I can combine the latest scientific advances with cutting-edge ingredients to deliver targeted formulations that address every skincare concern.”

Sarah Chapman


Combining advanced formulas with beautiful scents, cosseting textures and elegant packaging, Skinesis delivers results while retaining all the luxury, glamour and nurturing associated with beauty. Ensuring Skinesis products are as enticing as they are effective, Sarah’s formulations are infused with fragrant essential oils from her favourite flowers: jasmine, rose, neroli, frangipani and tuberose.

“It has always been paramount to me that my products really work, that they take the best technology there is to offer and combine that with the best research available, and that they are also a luxury and a delight to use.”

Sarah Chapman

“Sarah’s products, genuinely some of the best on the market.”

Skinesis History

Sarah’s product story began in 2003, launching with just six initial products that took over four years and collaborations with worldwide laboratories to perfect. In 2008 the range launched in Space NK and on QVC UK. Now, Skinesis has expanded with a global presence in clinics and retail stores worldwide.

At the core of Skinesis is the ‘daily formula’ collection, formulated to cleanse, treat and hydrate according to the daily needs of your skin. This includes our award-winning, all-time bestselling hero formula Overnight Facial, a product now synonymous with Sarah Chapman Skinesis.

Designed to meet the changing needs of your skin throughout the year and over the years, Sarah’s ‘bespoke solutions’ target specific concerns to both support and emulate the work done in-clinic at home.

Performance-Proven Active Ingredients

Skinesis is formulated with carefully selected, pioneering scientific actives cocooned in luxurious textures and heavenly aromas to deliver maximum results with minimal effort. Peptides, stem cells, antioxidants, vitamins, optical diffusers, omega oils, enzymes, micronutrients, skin brighteners and pure essential oils all combine to create truly efficacious cosmeceutical skincare.

"For me, being in the lab is the most exciting and creative part of product development. I love learning about new ingredients and pushing my chemists to create cutting-edge, unique products that really stretch the boundaries of skincare to create outstanding results.

When I’m in the lab my inquisitive side takes over and I’m definitely a little obsessive about making sure there is nothing I haven’t explored and tested in my quest for perfect skin."

Sarah Chapman

Skinesis Clinic and Boutique

Sarah opened her first clinic in London’s Chelsea in 2006 and such was the demand for her unique facials that she soon expanded into her impressive flagship clinic and boutique in Sloane Square in 2015. A one-stop for age-defying and skin-perfecting facials, cutting-edge technological treatments, expert advice and high-performance skincare, Sarah was awarded ‘Best Facialist for Anti-Ageing’ and ‘Best Pre-Party Facial’ by Harper’s Bazaar.